Indigo basic yarns

Indigo (Denim) is one of the oldest natural dyes. It was already used in ancient times but has become widely known with the “Jeans” boom.
The particularities of this Dyestuff are many, specially its characterístic “blue” shade that fades with the use and the wash. But always maintains its own “blue shade”.

Yarns stock service Indigo shades
Nm Ne Type Indigo 4 Indigo 11 Indigo 20 Black
1/12 7/1 OE Cotton x x   x
1/20 12/1 OE Cotton   x x  
1/28 16/1 OE Cotton x x    
1/35 20/1 OE Cotton   x    
1/35 20/1 SLUB/FLAME Cotton   x    
1/35 20/1 COMPACT Cotton   x x x
1/40 24/1 COMPACT Cotton   x    
1/50 30/1 COMPACT Cotton   x x  
1/50 30/1 COMPACT Cotton "inverse twist S"   x    
1/50 30/1 TENCEL Ring   x    
1/70 40/1 COMPACT Cotton   x    
  14/78 CORESPUN (95%cotton-5%elastane)   x